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State Export Control



Presentation of applications for Licence, Authorization or Certificate
Every commercial subject that applies for license, authorization or certificate, must provide AKSHE with the requested documentation.
The documents requested should be delivered to the protocol office of AKSHE in a non transparent envelope, sealed and signed by the subject.
The protocol office of AKSHE delivers the protocol number assigned on the envelope to the commercial subject.
All the communication between AKSHE and commercial subjects must be done in written form.
The commercial subject reserves the right to extend the object of its activity or the goods involved in the transaction by supplying a written request for object extension.
The documentation, provided by the subject, who constitutes the basis for licence or authorization issuing, must not change during all the period of its validity.
In case of changes in the data figured in the documentation, the person responsible representing the commercial subject is obliged to declare them in written form within 10 days to AKSHE. If the nature of these changes diversifies the substance of the object of the license/authorization, AKSHE can cancel it. The license/authorization can be used only by the holder for the exact purpose for what it is issued and cannot be sold directly or indirectly.
The holder of the license/authorization is fully responsible for the correctness of its use in compliance with all the conditions under which it is issued.
In the case of loss, damage, or abduction, the holder of the license/authorization is obliged to notify AKSHE within 5 days, presenting an evident declaration of loss to the state police authorities.
Conditions Criterions and Limitations

Application for license/authorization and accompanying documentation must be consigned to the protocol office of AKSHE. The documentation must be original or authentificated by a notary public. The application must include the complete and correct address of the applicant, to make possible the communication with AKSHE.
The evaluation of the required professional and financial capabilities of the commercial subject will be based on the documentation supplied by the applicant. Other documentation or complementary information from private or public entities may be asked by AKSHE when found necessary. The license validity can not over fulfill the subject’s NRC (national registration center, QKR) registration validity for exercising commercial activity. The application must not contain corrections, extensions or other changes, and must follow the application template. If AKSHE finds that the application contains corrections sends it back to the sender. The responsibility falls upon the applicant.
Within the time frame for application consideration provisioned by the law, AKSHE gets informed, verifies, evaluates and analyzes the object of the activity and the circumstances surrounding the activity.
The licenses approved by AKSHE can be used only by the holder, for the exact purpose for what the license is issued, respecting the time frame, the conditions posed and can not be sold or transferred.
The licence holder is responsible for the modalities of its use, and the compliance with the conditions upon which the license is issued.
Every three months, on the last 10 day period, the holder of a general licence is obliged to report to AKSHE for the following:


• Licence number
• Specify the list of military goods.
• Money value of imported and exported goods.
• Customs declaration
• Copies of the invoices of the transactions.





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